Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sketchbook Project completed.

I participated in the sketchbook project. And I made the deadline and sent it sometime in January. The Art House guys recieved it, so it means that it is now on tour! If you are in the States, please go check it and thousands of other cool sketchbooks out. This is where you can check cities and dates for the tour. Don't miss it.
Here are some pictures.

1. Me working on a page in my sketchbook.
2. Aaju and me showing off our completed books. (I'm really tired, so don't judge - that's why I look so scary)
3. This is the package ready to be posted.



Sorry for the long absence. Many things have happened.
1. I graduated!
This is my graduation exhibition. That's my project on display. My project was called Past Imperfect and was a series of tools that visualized memory.

And 2. I shifted back to Bombay. (Yay?)