Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Jungle outside my Window.

That is my version of the view from my window in Bombay, sketched yesterday. Look how crowded it is. Luckily, all that construction is pretty far away, but its just so imposing to look at.
10 years ago when I shifted into this apartment - the Discovery of India building (incase you can't read my handwriting - it's the circular building to the left.) was the only noticeable building on the skyline. It's so insignificant now.

click on the image to see the larger image and read the text.


Krithik said...

height > circumference , cylindrical would be the more appropriate adjective :D

and Nehru planetarium in Bombay eh ?

Unknown said...

yes yes.. thanks for the grammar. figured it after i posted but was too lazy to change. doesnt matter anyways.

and YES. nehru planetarium in bombay too.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog