Friday, February 19, 2010

Girl vs. Boy

topic of conversation: person x's super cool looking marker.

chic girl: Oooh! it looks exactly like an eye-pencil.

gizmo-boy: iPencil? Whooa! What's that?

(gizmo-boy waits for reply, chic girl looks confused; Can someone actually have not heard of an eye-pencil?)

gizmo-boy: Ohh, ya... You mean a Mac one?
(chic girl meanwhile is gesturing with her fingers and eyelid)

chic girl: MAC? aaaaa! I love the MAC ones! They're the nicest, not bad gizmo-boy, you know the girlie stuffs.


enlightenment follows soon after.

note: this is based on a completely true life conversation, dated 16th February 2010. It is not a representation of one of those cheesy e-mail forwards that feature stereotypical and sexist jokes that might sound like this one.
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